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Berklee College of Music student recruiters use iPad, FileMaker Go

posted Apr 23, 2012, 2:24 PM by Eric Lai

Admissions staff for Boston-based Berklee College of Music have a daunting data task as they scour the globe interviewing and auditioning roughly 7,000 promising musicians. Up until two years ago, 80 faculty and 40 staff members on the road throughout the year lugged laptops to manage input, comments and decisions. The laptops were heavy and cumbersome to transport through airport security lines. Staff then later fed information into the Boston-based school’s centralized FileMaker Pro database.

Berklee created their talent audition app with FileMaker Pro software, and it runs on the team’s iPads with FileMaker Go. Today over 20 admissions staff each use the iPad app to manage the data generated by 300 domestic and 30 overseas talent auditions. The iPad app is essential to recruiters traveling in areas of the world with intermittent Internet access. They synchronize the data they collect with FileMaker Pro databases hosted by FileMaker Server when they return to Berklee. Being able to manage the data behind hundreds of international auditions on a small, portable device has made life easier for Berklee College of Music’s recruiting team.